Don’t always choose the cheaper product they do not last long. The low-cost product simply means for lower durability, toxic to health and lower sleep quality. But remember high prices do not ensure high quality it all depends upon the quality of the material.

The California mattress with fire retardant or wool?

The California king mattress: It is also named as cal king mattress will cost $1500-$1600 USD because you will get many choices in this range. The size of this mattress is 72 inches wide by 84 inches long, making it one of the longest mattresses. It is the best mattress for a back problem. Additionally, you will not need to replace the mattress after months or at least three years. The high price promising the great quality.

The flame retardant mattress: You often had heard about the bed caught fire, how is that possible? It is because of the chemicals used in mattress manufacturing. The chemicals used are toxic for the bedroom environment, for the safety of the flame retardant is used for mattresses to meet the flammability standards. The flame retardant free mattress can cause danger to your life, it is not illegal to have a flame-retardant mattress, the mattresses should pass the flammability test so make sure before buying the mattress that it does pass. Besides, it can be the best mattress for back problems.

Points to remember while buying the mattress:

●       Invest in a good quality mattress that is comfortable and promises a good sleep.

●       The natural mattress is all good compared to the synthetic mattress which contains lots of chemicals that are harmful to skin and health.

●       The firm mattress is the right choice which provides full support to the body releasing the pressure for stress relief and reduces the body pain.

●       The mattress protector will be a good choice to buy to protect the mattress from dirt and dust particles, giving it a longer life.

●       The mattress should pass the flammability test and must be free from fire retarders.